Shawn’s Integrated Campaigns are really Cultural Happenings. They create buzz, win awards, and merge traditional media platforms with unconventional tactics. The end result is work that becomes part of the public conversation, while blurring the line between advertising and pop culture.

Frontier Airlines Audition

When Frontier added a new plane recently, we let consumers decide which new animal should appear on the tail. 18 talking animals - from a Dung Beetle to a Parrot - auditioned for the coveted role via online Audition Reels, nine TV spots, a robust social media campaign, and a detailed microsite where fans could view content, hear interviews, read bios, enter contests, and share their vote via FB and Twitter. The results surpassed all expectations, as the hilarious Audition Reels were featured on, and dozens of popular blogs, while the story was picked up by CNN and other networks.

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Denver's Favorite Animal

When Frontier was crowned Denver’s Favorite Airline, the animals wondered, “Who is Denver’s Favorite Animal?” To decide, a 360° mock political election was held, drawing consumers to where they could vote for their favorite animal, post comments, watch hilarious campaign ads, hear mud-slinging debates, buy swag - and even purchase airline tickets…which they did in droves.

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Flip to Mexico

For years, Flip the Dolphin was sent to frigid Chicago. But that changed when he publicly declared, "I either go to Mexico, or I quit!" The ensuing campaign showed all of Colorado rallying for Flip - with mock newscasts, staged protests, 18 TV spots (including regional Superbowl spots), podcasts, an underground website, online petition and blog. The campaign turned fake news into real news, creating a groundswell of support for Flip, while blurring the line between reality and fiction.

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