You're only as good as your latest work.  

Considering Shawn’s love for animals (both real and imagined) it’s no wonder ARM & HAMMER™ tapped him to launch SLIDE – the revolutionary cat litter that doesn’t stick to the litter box. It was A&H's largest and most successful cat litter launch in years, surpassing projected sales goals by over 35%.

What will you do if you win Mega Millions? Anything you want.

Start thinking big. Real big. Because when you buy a Powerball ticket, anything can happen. But first you gotta win.

Shawn likes gummy bears. And he ate a lot of them while creating fresh campaigns for Vitafusion and L'il Critters – America's #1 gummy vitamin brands.

When OxiClean decided to introduce a new laundry detergent, we convinced them to put the pitchman aside and elevate their brand with a conceptual spot that championed the product's name: OxiClean HD. And we did it on a shoe-string budget you wouldn't believe.

This is a WIP and therefore a private link. The “Hall of Allergies” spot will be launched in late April as a :30, a :15, and several :06 online spots. The “Not-so-good Morning” may get produced in the fall, but w/out the free trial. They both tested off the charts.

Shawn wrote, edited and produced these online videos for SLIDE Cat Litter. The resulting campaigns – which utilized user generated content – ran on Facebook and increased brand engagement by over 300%. That's 1200% in cat years!