Shawn’s commercials are so awesome, viewers have been known to fast-forward the TV shows and skip directly to his ads.

General TV Reel

Grab a beer, kick up your feet and enjoy this Whitman’s Sampler of Shawn’s TV spots - featuring iconic brands like Pringles, Febreze, DQ, Wonder Bread, Doritos, Smucker’s, Nature’s Pride and more.

Frontier Reel

In 2003, Shawn created Frontier's famous “talking tails” campaign. Since then, he’s authored over 100 TV and Web commercials and won over 80 creative awards - including CLIOs, Effies, LIAAs, Addys, Emmys and more.

Pringles: Singing Can Campaign

Shawn created the global “Singing Can” campaign for Pringles, a snack he still abuses on a daily basis.

Tom Shane Jewelry

Tom Shane is famous for two things: His brilliant jewelry, and his informative-yet-dull radio commercials. This TV campaign not only makes Tom more likable by showcasing his ability to laugh at himself, but it also highlights his relentless commitment to quality and value. CD: Shawn Couzens/Gary Ennis CW: Peter Mattei AD: Chris Brunt.