Some people would rather die than listen to radio spots.
Shawn would rather they die laughing. Give a listen if you dare.

General Radio Reel

Shawn has created award-winning radio spots for clients as famous as Diet Coke, Crown Royal, Frontier Airlines, Seagram’s 7, Pringles and more. Here’s a sampling:

Crown Royal: "Doorman"        Frontier Airlines: "Save Bucks”        Diet Coke: "Lime in the Coconut”        Frontier Airlines: "Air Mail”        Seagram's 7: "7 & 7”        Jean Madeline Salons: "Jean Cuts”        Crown Royal: "Holiday Jingle #1”        Frontier Airlines: "Jack's Song"

Crown Holiday Radio'10

Utilizing different musical genres, these quirky Holiday Jingles were designed to set Crown Royal apart from the crowd - while reminding folks about it's unique packaging: "It's a Bottle in a Bag in a Box!”

Pringles Radio Campaign

It’s official: Pringles are so tasty, they can turn any time into a good time.