From the E*trade Baby to political campaign ads, Shawn’s viral videos have garnered millions of hits.

Frontier Auditions

This 2012 film for Frontier Airlines (which Shawn wrote, produced and co-directed) was featured on Good Morning America's website,, plus dozens of other blogs and websites.

E-Trade Baby 1

At Grey, Shawn's series of E*trade Baby videos were widely regarded as the agency's gold-standard. 

E-Trade Baby 2

Another of Shawn’s E*trade viral videos (with over 800,000 hits).

Bush-McCain Challenge

As a hired gun for, Shawn created several viral videos. This one logged nearly 400,000 hits and was featured on The Huffington Post, Washington Post and more.


People rarely change banks - even when switching is obviously better. This short video tries to change that behavior through a simple demonstration: $5 is better than $1.